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Bamboo Rod Care « Feather River Fly Rods

Bamboo Rod Care

One of the common misconceptions about bamboo rods is that they are delicate or even fragile, actually graphite is more brittle then bamboo. Bamboo has a higher tensile strength (28,000 pounds per. Sq. inch) then steel (23,000 pounds per. sq. inch) but still has unparalleled flexibility and sensitivity.

With proper care and maintenance your rod can last several life times

Most damage to bamboo fly rods (or any rod) happen because of neglect by the user. USE GOOD COMMON SENSE!

  • Always clean your rod with a soft cloth and thoroughly dry your rod before putting it away.

  • Remove the rod cap if storing for any length of time (so the varnish can breath and prevent softening)
  • Always store your rod away from extremes of heat and humidity (hot attics, auto trunks, damp basements etc.)
  • Keep the ferrules clean. Caution: for heavily oxidized ferrules, using sandpaper or steel wool can ruin proper fit.
  • Rod together hands together – Rod apart hands apart. When putting your rod together hold your hands close together (each side of the ferrule) when taking it apart hold your hands further apart, this keeps from putting undue stress on the rod and avoids pushing the tip into something when the ferrule lets go.
  • Use care NOT to put pressure on the guides when separating or attaching the sections.
  • Avoid twisting the rod when putting it together or taking it apart.
  • Fight the fish using the butt section of the rod , not the tip. It is also a good Idea to turn the rod over (guides up) to fight a fish every once and a while
  • Avoid deliberately angling for fish that are too heavy for the size of your rod. The rod may take on a “set” or bend under excessive strain (such a bend can be taken out with gentle application of heat from a heat gun but care should be taken) this should be done by a professional rod maker
  • These few precautions will preserve your bamboo rod for decades.

I would be happy to help you with any maintenance issues or problems that come up.

Mike Boulant